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Government Executive Contents 03/2012 18 Upward Bound 4 Editor’s Notebook Shifting to Web-based computing is about more than saving money. Briefing 9 Around Government Looking for Peace Corps alumni, social media on the hunt and multilingual services. The Coast Guard rethinks fleet modernization in the wake of cost overruns and flawed manufacturing. Social media is helping Voice of America expand its reach. 12 After Deepwater 16 Beyond the Radio Days nextgov 45 Tech Roundup Cybersecurity pilot, going mobile, gaming better weapons and the Navy’s inventory challenge. i st o ck pho t o advice and comment 47 Management Matters fe atures 18 Upward Bound Cloud computing could reinvent the way many federal agencies operate. By Joseph Marks Sunny Outlook Cloud vendors and feds are forecasting mostly clear skies for a fast-track security certification process. By Aliya Sternstein Pushing for Liftoff Agencies are making their case for the cloud, despite some unique challenges. By Adam Stone Much like a software program, your brain can experience glitches. Government has to be smarter about contracting and consolidating administrative services. Lessons from the career of the nation’s best-known soldier. Sarah Bonilla works to create a model for evaluating senior executives that truly distinguishes the best. 48 Share Tactics 28 49 Perspectives 36 50 Thinking Ahead c ov e r i l lu s t r a t ion b y w i l l i a m du k e gov ex m a rch 2012 | government ex ecutive 3

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