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Weapons Modernization Budget FY 2013: $178.8 Billion People In the Fleet Among the major systems, the services have the following: Navy 3,700+ 122 53 11 Aircraft Surface warships Submarines Aircraft carriers Defense Personnel ersonnel Army 2,882 2,410 2,034 1,918 Armored personnel carriers Bradley Fighting Vehicles Blackhawk helicopters Abrams tanks Pay Grades Marine Corps 24,000 633 Humvees Helicopters Air Force 2,026 823 508 162 Fighters/attack aircraft Transport aircraft Tankers Bombers Race Technology Spending The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency budgeted $1.2 billion for applied research in fiscal 2012, with the largest investments going to the following programs: Sensor technology Command, control and communications $271.8M $261.6M $208.5M $98.9M Note: 5.3% of officers and 11.5% of enlisted members added “Hispanic” to their race designation. Government Executive Network-centric warfare technology Advanced aerospace systems Gender Among active-duty personnel, 85.5 percent are men and 14.5 percent are women. THE STATE OF DEFENSE Money Budget The Congressional Budget Office reports a budget sequester would reduce the Defense Department budget (without warfare spending) to $471 billion in 2013. Operations Active Military Force Projections The Pentagon plans to cut troops to 1.3 million by fiscal 2017. TROOPS Operation Iraqi Freedom (March 19, 2003-Aug. 31, 2010) Operation New Dawn—Iraq (Sept. 1, 2010-Dec. 31 2011) Operation Enduring Freedom—Afghanistan (Oct. 7, 2001-July 23, 2012) 4,409 66 2,041 DoD CIVILIANS 13 0 3 Iraq and Afghanistan Deaths Focus on Asia Pay and Benefits Personnel costs consume a third of the base defense budget. Contract Spending Defense procurement spending has declined after peaking in 2008. $145B 2001 $336B 2011 In the Asia-Pacific region, about 40 percent of the world’s trade passes through the 1.7-mile wide Strait of Malacca. About 50 U.S. ships are deployed in the region every day. $397B $ 3 2008 Where the Troops Are U.S. military operations comprise more than 1.4 million active-duty service members and 1.1 million in the National Guard and Reserve forces at about 5,000 sites around the globe. United States and territories Major Bases United States—214* Guam—2 Puerto Rico—1 *There are 4,451 military sites in the United States; 111 are categorized as “large” and 103 are classified as “medium” Countries not included in Defense Department’s regional groupings North Africa, Near East and South Asia Major Bases Afghanistan—6 Iraq—12 Kuwait—8 Saudi Arabia—5 Sub-Saharan Africa Major Bases Djibouti—1 Former Soviet Union Major Bases Kyrgyzstan—1 East Asia and Pacific Major Bases Japan—23 South Korea—15 Compiled by Caitlin Fairchild Graphics by Chanin Knight Map and illustration by Peter Hoey Western Hemisphere (Excludes U.S. and territories) Major Bases Cuba—1 Europe Major Bases Germany—21 Italy—7 U.K.—6 Sources: Defense Comptroller, Feb. 2012; Status of the Navy, July 12, 2012; Naval History & Heritage Command, July 12, 2012; Army, July 2012; Marine Corps, July 2012; Air Force Magazine 2012 USAF Almanac; DARPA FY 2013 Budget Request; Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation Inc.; Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service, Jan. 31, 2012; Defense Manpower Data Center Active-Duty Master File, April 2010; FY 2012 Defense Budget Estimates, Defense Comptroller; CBO Testimony, Oct. 26, 2011; Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments FY 2012 Defense Budget Analysis;; Defense Comptroller FY 2013 Budget Request Overview; Defense U.S. Casualty Status, July 19, 2012; The Wall Street Journal , June 2, 2012; Chief of Naval Operations Testimony, March 2012; Defense Manpower Data Center, Dec. 31, 2011; Defense Base Structure Report, FY 2012; Commander Navy Installations Command;, 2012 UNDERWRITTEN BY:

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